Power-ups & Terrain

Players will encounter various challenges as they progress through their endless race. These obstacles and terrains will test their agility and reaction time, as they navigate through obstacles such as spears, fire, walls, toxins and more. Additionally, players will also encounter diverse environments, ranging from cliffs and zigzag platforms to treacherous mud and lava. This creates an exciting and dynamic gameplay experience that will keep players on their toes.
Some obstacles will instantly eliminate the player's avatar, while others will reduce their health by 50%. To regain health, players can collect Jungle Antidotes vials throughout the run.
In addition to these challenges, there are Special items that players can collect to give them an advantage. These include:
  • Attraction Potion: This attracts all tokens within the player's path towards them for a set duration.
  • Reborn Potion: This revives the player's avatar at the point of death and does not deduct any lives from the player's pool.
  • Can't Touch This Potion: This provides the player's avatar with an invincibility shield that cannot be damaged or stopped for a set duration. Note that falling off the map will still result in death.
  • Time Potion: This slows down time, allowing players to navigate through difficult terrain and obstacles with ease.