Jungle Run - Play 2 Earn

Cross-Community Game - Created by Proud Lions Studios. Powered by APTOS

Want to add more utility, engagement and rewards to your project and communities?

Jungle Run is built just for that!

Alpha: Game-play ( GIF image low quality)
A Web 3.0 gaming experience like no other. Jungle Run brings together multiple NFT communities for cross-play in a P2E and PVP environment.
Get ready to choose an avatar from our partnered NFT projects or the one-of-a-kind Proud Lions Club NFTs. You unlock avatars by holding their NFTs in your wallet, each avatar comes with a default of 5 lives. The more of a particular NFT you own perks you unlock.
Race through obstacle courses filled with rewards, challenges, and traps just like in traditional running games, but with a twist. Players from different communities can upgrade their avatar's abilities and skills, increasing their chances of earning more Steak tokens as rewards. Steak tokens, which is our ecosystem's main currency can be used to redeem rewards from Roarlinko: A rewards machine, where users deposit their collected tokens to win multiple prizes like ETH, APTOS, NFTs and IRL prizes. This provides an added layer of utility to players and incentivizes them to continue playing and collecting tokens.
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Jungle Run is a unique and innovative Web3 game that was created by professional gamers who understand the importance of competitive gaming. We have a deep understanding of the gaming industry and have used this knowledge to create a game that is not only fun and engaging but also well-balanced and fair for all players.
Communities can sign up for a partnership with Proud Lions Studios and will be given a one-year full access to Jungle Run, which will integrate their NFT contract and unlock a playable 3D avatar in-game. Each community will have the ability to add power-ups to their character by sweeping either their own project floors or the Proud Lions Club's NFTs. Currently, there are 5 communities partnered up for JR.
Partner Project Kong Club 3D Avatar
The second phase of Jungle Run will introduce a multiplayer function, where up to four players can play at a time. Players will be able to battle each other whilst running, and each NFT avatar will have different powers and abilities, such as a higher jump, blocking power, and throw-able items. This will add an additional layer of excitement and competition to the game.
Jungle Run is beneficial to other communities due to its power-up features. Powering up your avatar and making them overpowered will make them more desirable to unlock by other non-holders, which in turn promotes exposure for the community's NFTs.
When the community signs up for the yearly license fee, they are given the option to either provide a 3D avatar of their NFT or Proud Lion Studios can make one for them. All upgrades JR makes, are completely free to its partners.
The advantage for communities is the exposure of their collection to a mass audience from multiple projects and an easy utility to add to their collection. Jungle Run will be constantly upgraded with bigger and better features and graphics over time using all the feedback and suggestions it receives from all the communities.
The game's features are regularly updated to ensure maximum player satisfaction. For NFT communities seeking to expand their reach connect with other players in the NFT space, and reward their holders, Jungle Run is an ideal choice. It is a must-have for any community looking to leverage the benefits of NFTs in gaming.
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